Who We Are


CO-PE Training, LLC is a provider of co-parent education in Massachusetts. Our state-approved program, Reducing the Effects of Divorce (RED), started in 1993. Our mission is to provide the best in co-parent education to divorcing, divorced and never-married parents living apart.

Research shows that it is not the divorce itself that is so damaging to children. Rather, the on-going conflict and interruption in parenting is what creates distress for children. The ability of parents living apart to work together in a co-operative, business-like manner has a direct impact on how well and how quickly children adjust to their new circumstance and return to normal levels of functioning. Our classes are designed to help parents establish and maintain just such a co-parenting relationship.

Any two or more adults who share responsibility in raising a child or children are functionally co-parents.” (Garber)

‘...There is hope for children. Divorcing parents cannot spare their children the pain of divorce, despite their sometimes fervent desire to do so. And perhaps they shouldn’t try. Children are entitled to their own feelings; children need to grieve. But even after divorce parents can - in my view must - work hard to be good parents and co-parents. Over time after divorce, good parents and co-parents can promote their children’s resilience and do much to ease their pain. Rather than forever being "children of divorce," hardworking divorced parents and co-parents can help their kids to be, well, just kids.’

Robert Emery - Family Court Review - July, 2006